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On November 04, 2015, Standard & Poor´s Rating Services published a Long-term Issuer Rating for alstria office REIT-AG for the first time.

Rating result: BBB- (Outlook stable)

as of May 09, 2023
Rating Update Stand: 05. Oktober 2022

Rating Update

Stand: 11. Februar 2022

Rating Update

Stand: 08. November 2021

Rating Update

as of March 04, 2021

as of October 27, 2020
as of March 09, 2020
as of September 02, 2019
as of September 20, 2018
as of October 02, 2017
as of September 28, 2016


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general meeting2023

The Company’s annual general meeting was held on May 4, 2023 as a virtual annual general meeting without the physical presence of the shareholders or their proxies. Please find below information regarding the Annual General Meeting 2023:</strong  
  • Invitation to the virtual annual general meeting (with agenda)
  • Voting results 2023
  • Dividend announcement 2023

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